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How To Change A Catheter Bag At Home

How To Change A Catheter Bag At Home. The leg bag should only be disconnected from the catheter when the bag needs replacing. • insert the leg bag connection point into the catheter securely, avoid touching the catheter at the leg bag entry point or leg bag connection point.

Urine Bag Urinary Leg Bag Catheter Bag Soxa Pharma from

Hold the drainage tube over a toilet or measuring container. Steps for changing a bag. Disconnect the tubing from the bag by using a twisting motion.

The Bag Should Be Positioned Below The Level Of Your Bladder And Should Not Touch The Floor.

Prepare to place the leg bag in the catheter tube from which you just disconnected the large drainage bag. Due to their intimate contact with equally delicate parts of the human body, very strict hygiene regimens need to be practiced when emptying, changing, or doing any other maintenance with your catheter. Rotate the catheter gently whilst pulling away from the connector.

Use Sterile Medical Tubing To Allow Urine To Drain Into A Drainage Bag.

Wash your hands with warm soapy water and dry them. Pinch and hold the catheter tubing. • disconnect the leg bag and replace with a new leg bag.

Weekly Changing Of The Leg Bag • Wash Your Hands • Empty The Leg Bag Into The Toilet • Holding The Catheter Firmly In Your Hand, Carefully Disconnect The Leg Bag From The Catheter.

This video demonstrates how to change your foley® catheter drainage bag, a plastic bag that collects your urine. Always take the bag to the catheter not the catheter to. • remove your gloves (if worn).

• Secure The Leg Bag With Clean Leg Bag Straps.

Wash your hands with soap and warm water before and after touching your catheter equipment. This bag can be used when you go out of your house because the smaller bag is easily hidden beneath your clothing. • avoid touching the end of the inlet tube or catheter.

Catheter Will Be Changed By A Nurse Either At A Clinic,Or At Home If You Are Housebound.

Smaller collection bag with short tubing. Wash your hands with soap and water and dry well. • pinch the catheter above the drainage bag.

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